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Meet Betsy! 

Welcome! As a Vancouver native with a lifelong passion for real estate, I’ve found my niche in the picturesque Comox Valley, raising a family and enriching the community. With a marketing degree and graphic design diploma from BCIT, I uniquely blend local expertise with in-house marketing skills, offering a comprehensive approach to buying and selling homes since 2011. I’m excited to guide you through a seamless, rewarding property journey. Let’s connect and start your story!

What’s my home worth? 

In the dynamic Comox Valley, property values have surged in the last decade. Your home might be worth more than you think. Discover its current market value with Betsy’s complimentary home evaluation. Whether you’re considering selling or simply curious, this insight is essential in today’s booming market. Uncover the potential of your investment and make informed decisions. Contact Betsy for a no-obligation assessment and tap into the hidden value of your home. See what your property could command in today’s vibrant real estate landscape – you might be pleasantly surprised!

My mission is to ensure a stress-free experience in buying or selling homes, guiding clients seamlessly through each step with my real estate and marketing expertise. By offering in-house marketing services and a commitment to client happiness, I aim to earn loyalty and create lifelong relationships.

Why choose Betsy?

Betsy, a distinguished Agent in the Comox Valley, offers a unique blend of local market expertise and personalized real estate services. Her approach to selling properties, ranging from cozy homes to luxurious estates, is marked by innovative marketing and strategic sales techniques. Betsy’s commitment ensures that each listing, whether a charming condo or a sprawling property, garners significant attention and reaches the right buyers.


Betsy believes in a no-pressure relationship with all her clients. She concentrates on what the client needs and creates a relationship with you first before figuring out what might be the best fit.


Betsy has a Certificate in Marketing from BCIT and a Diploma in Graphic Design so she is adept at marketing homes and stylizing any kind of advertising you might want for your home as a seller.


Betsy is very dedicated to each of her clients and their needs. She tries to achieve quality not quantity and each of my clients’ needs are unique. Communication is the most important aspect both between Betsy and her clients.


Understanding the current market is extremely important and that is why Betsy stays up to date on all the market trends. She can accurately help you decide on a fair price, whether it’s buying or selling a home.

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